The Hong Kong Art Archive: official opening of the archive and launch of its website.

The Hong Kong Art Archive, which has been founded with the aim of promoting awareness and study of Hong Kong artistic achievement on a worldwide basis, is now open to the public. HKAA hopes to provide students, academic researchers, curators, critics, artists and all other interested parties with both electronic and physical resources to aid study and appreciation of Hong Kong Art, with a particular focus on the work of living artists. Its primary resource is its website, which can be found at



In this first phase of the HKAA's development, its website offers three main resources:

1) A visual archive of works by a variety of Hong Kong artists at various stages of their artistic career, together with associated information about the artists themselves. Visitors to the site may scroll down an alphabetical listing of the artists currently included in the archive, viewing a pair of small-scale sample images for each artist. From there they may click to pages devoted to the individual artists, and examine a wider range of images at a larger scale. At present there are 75 artists represented in the archive by up to 24 works each, and if resources permit, it is hoped to considerably expand the number of artists included in this visual archive in the future. The selection of artists currently included has been determined by a number of factors, but the archive intends to cover all types of art making in Hong Kong in due course. The criteria for inclusion is some established record of public exhibition such as a one-person show and a series of curated group shows, but the archive itself takes a neutral stance about artistic quality as far as this is possible. We are not choosing artists on the basis of our own personal aesthetic preferences but are instead attempting to provide a resource that will be of value to people with various aesthetic viewpoints and research concerns. While other aspects of the HKAA website may be of more interest to students, researchers and other art professionals, it is hoped that this visual archive will also be of interest to the general public.


2) A searchable bibliographic guide to the literature on Hong Kong art. This online resource is intended to provide the kind of tool for study and research that is readily accessible in the case of English language material concerning Western art, but which has not so far been available for those with an interest in its Hong Kong counterpart.


3) A listing of art exhibitions that have taken place in Hong Kong. This resource aims to provide a chronology of art events in Hong Kong, whether they feature Hong Kong artists or those from other parts of China or from overseas.


In addition to its website, the Hong Kong Art Archive also possesses a modest reference collection of books, exhibition catalogues and other materials on Hong Kong art, many of which have kindly been donated by artists or galleries. This collection is located in the Resources Room of the Department of Fine Arts, University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong (Room 240C on the 2nd floor of the Main Building, phone: +852- 28592614). All are welcome to consult the archive during office hours subject to staffing availability (please phone before visiting).


The Hong Kong Art Archive was founded by David Clarke of the Department of Fine Arts, University of Hong Kong, who serves as its Academic Director. Dr. Clarke is the author of a wide range of publications on Hong Kong and Chinese art, including Art & Place: Essays on Art from a Hong Kong Perspective (Hong Kong University Press, 1996), Modern Chinese Art (Oxford University Press, 2000); and Hong Kong Art: Culture and Decolonization (Reaktion Books, 2001; Hong Kong University Press, 2001; Duke University Press, 2002). His most recent publication is Reclaimed Land: Hong Kong in Transition (Hong Kong University Press, 2002). Grace Wong, Resources Officer of the Department of Fine Arts, serves as the Archive Manager for HKAA, and all inquiries can be addressed to her or to Silvia Fok, the HKAA's Project Coordinator, at (852) 28592614 or e-mail to


At present the HKAA receives no external funding for its operation, and the development of this public service project has been undertaken during time spared from our pressing everyday duties. We would be very interested to hear from potential sponsors for this non-profit project, and would also welcome feedback, advice and help of all kinds. Critics, art historians and others who have published on Hong Kong art or who are aware of publications not yet included in our bibliography are invited to contact us with suggestions. Established Hong Kong artists who have not yet provided us with materials are also encouraged to get in contact.


The HKAA would like to thank Linda Chan and Shek Wai Keung for kindly donating their time and expertise to the development of our website. We would also like to thank the Department of Fine Arts ( and its academic and administrative staff for their support, and record our appreciation of the help given by present and former members of the HKAA staff: Grace Wong, Zoe Li, Chan Kuen On, Joan Ho, Connie Lo, and Maggie Wong, Manir Chan, Grace Chu, and Silvia Fok.


We hope you will visit and enjoy our website. Any help you can give us to publicize it will be much appreciated.












1)視覺資料庫內有香港藝術家不同時期的作品和相關的資料,來訪本資料庫者可按英文字母排列次序瀏覽藝術家名單目前,本資料庫有75位藝術家,每人作品最多24。如果資源許可的話,希望可擴大藝術家的名單數目。選擇藝術家的標準會受不同因素的影響,但本資料庫希望在適當時候所選資料能覆蓋香港所有藝術種類。選擇的標準是曾舉辦過個人作品展覽或聯合展覽的作者,本資料庫對藝術品的質素採取中立態度。我們選取藝術家時並非祇考慮個人的審美趣味,主要是提供一些資源給審美和研究趣味不同者參考。學生、研究人員、藝術工作者可能對 香港藝術資料庫 的其他資源更感興趣,不過,我們希望普羅大眾因瀏覽視覺資料庫而對藝術產生興趣






除了網頁,本資料庫收集了不少藝術資料,包括參考書籍展覽場刊、有關香港藝術的文獻,大部份資料由藝術家和畫廊捐贈。這些資料陳列在香港大學藝術系的資料室 (本部大樓240C室),歡迎各界人仕在辦公時間內來查閱 (請先致電聯繫,電話﹕852-28592614)。


香港藝術資料庫由香港大學藝術系祈大衛 (Dr. David Clarke) 創辦。祈大衛博士是本資料庫的學術總監,曾出版一系列有關香港藝術和中國藝術的著作﹕包括 Art & Place: Essays on Art from a Hong Kong Perspective (Hong Kong University Press, 1996)Modern Chinese Art (Oxford University Press, 2000)Hong Kong Art: Culture and Decolonization (Reaktion Books, 2001; Hong Kong University Press, 2001; Duke University Press, 2002)。他的近作是Reclaimed Land: Hong Kong in Transition (Hong Kong University Press, 2002)資源主任黃少麗小姐,計劃統籌霍少霞小姐。若有任何查詢,請致電 852-28592614或電郵