FAIVA Image Database

Fine Arts Interactive Visual Archive

The revision module of the Fine Arts Interactive Visual Archive (FAIVA), an image database developed and maintained by the Department of Fine Arts, now has 51,000+ images on Western and Oriental Art available for view. The images for revision are arranged in folders according to course code and title. Students may choose to browse images by course, or conduct word searches at different fields to locate specific images. Current students and staff members with valid hkuportal accounts may access the database via the university intranet system.

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This web site containing copyrighted materials is designed for the sole purpose to provide students with a means of revision. The provider reserves the right to decline access to the site. And by accessing any portion of this Faiva Database programme, users agree NOT to redistribute any of the information found therein in any format. Remote access to this programme is limited to computers connected to the university server via HKU Portal.

Applying for full database access

The FAIVA database also has a separate project module which allows students to access the full database of 87,800 records when working on tutorial presentation or research paper. Students with access to the university intranet need to further apply for a user account for this special module. Please email your application to our Resources Officer.