Postgraduate Studies

Welcome to postgraduate section of the website of the Department of Fine Arts. We encourage you to explore the details of our Ph.D. and M.Phil. programmes. We have included information about the admissions process, financial support, departmental course requirements, and the work of our past and current postgraduate students. Elsewhere on this site, you can also find information about faculty expertise and publications.

The Department of Fine Arts of the University of Hong Kong is one of Asia’s leading centres of art historical research. We offer research programmes leading to the award of M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in art history. For information on our taught M.A. program, see the M.A. section. Please note that we do not offer any applied degrees in the visual arts.

Students work closely with their advisor or advisors in the course of writing their dissertations, participate in the Department’s seminars and research activities, and contribute to the teaching of undergraduates.

Many of our faculty are interested in the study of inter-cultural exchange between Europe and Asia, and within Asia. We are thus able to offer supervision to students pursuing a variety of art historical fields, as wells the interactions between them. These areas of supervision include:

  • Chinese art (including Hong Kong art)
  • Japanese art
  • European art from the Renaissance to the present day
  • American art

We welcome inquiries by suitably-qualified applicants from Hong Kong and elsewhere. English is the medium of instruction throughout the department, as it is in the University as a whole, and most scholarships and fellowships are open to local and international students alike.