The Ph.D. is a research-focused degree. A Ph.D dissertation is expected to be a significant contribution to knowledge, such as might be the basis of an academic book. Ph.D. students must complete a thesis within three years of registration (four if they have not previously undertaken a research masters degree). Students work with the aid of a supervisor (or supervisors), but in a largely independent way, mobilizing resources for themselves.

Accordingly, prospective Ph.D. students will have a thorough grounding in art history, or a related discipline, prior to commencing their study, students will usually already have experience of independent research in an M.A. or M.Phil. programme.

Please note that currently, the Fine Arts Department does not participate in the King’s College London and Hong Kong University Joint Ph.D. programme.

Ph.D students are required to attend all Department seminars arranged for them, and will be expected to give two seminar presentations themselves. The first of these will normally be given before the end of their tenth month of study, and the second around the end of their second year of study, and not later than the 28th month.

A list of current and past Ph.D. dissertations is given here.

For information on coursework, and on funding and resources, see the relevant sections.