The PhD is a research-based degree focused on production of a doctoral dissertation, which is expected to be an original and significant contribution to knowledge in the field of art history. For students holding a research master degree (usually MPhil), the programme is limited to three years full-time (or four-and-a-half years part-time). For students holding a taught master degree (MA) or only a bachelor degree, it is limited to four years full-time (or six years part-time). Students work under the direction of a primary supervisor in the Department of Fine Arts; it is possible to have a co-supervisor in Fine Arts or another department. Dissertations are examined by two teachers from HKU and one External Examiner specializing in the student’s research area; students have several extra months to make revisions based on feedback from the examiners before the degree is granted.

PhD students are required to take a small number of courses (see “Coursework” tab at left), to attend all department research seminars, and to give two seminar talks themselves (one at the end of their first year, one near the end of their final year). Students are also allowed to join courses in the department’s MA programme. Full-time students automatically receive a scholarship sufficient to cover both tuition and living expenses; to fulfill their work requirement, most gain valuable experience serving as Teaching Assistants.

A list of current and past PhD dissertations is available here.

Please note that the Fine Arts Department does not currently participate in the King’s College London and Hong Kong University Joint PhD programme.