Full-time teachers
The Department of Fine Arts is unique in Asia for its depth and breadth of expertise in art history. Our teachers, trained in leading art history programmes in the U.S. and UK, teach and conduct research in Chinese art (Song to contemporary), Japanese art (medieval to contemporary), Indian art, and western art (medieval to contemporary). We also have special depth in cross-cultural research. The MAAH benefits from the deep involvement of all these teachers. Full-time teachers manage the programme collectively and teach most of the MA courses, as well as most of the MA’s undergraduate electives. Every full-time teacher also contributes to dissertation supervision and examination. Following a recent expansion, the department now has eight full-time positions, with a ninth being added in September 2019 specifically to support the MA programme. See the full staff list here.

Part-time teachers
Part-time teachers strengthen the MAAH by expanding the range of subjects that students can study and offering areas of research expertise that complement those of the full-time teachers. Each year two or three MA courses are taught by part-time teachers, along with two or three undergraduate electives. Part-time teachers are art historians with Ph.D. degrees; they change year to year depending on the needs of the programme. MA courses also benefit from the involvement of expert partners in HKU’s University Museum and Art Gallery and other museums and art institutions in Hong Kong and beyond.

Dissertation supervisors and examiners
Each MA student develops an individual dissertation topic with guidance from the MA Coordinator. The Coordinator then matches the student with a dissertation supervisor who has relevant expertise for that topic. We expect half or more of the supervisors to be full-time and part-time teachers in the department. However, in seeking the best available person for each topic, the Coordinator will recruit other outside supervisors, who will be art historians or senior museum curators either in Hong Kong or overseas. Each dissertation is examined by two examiners; the first is the supervisor, while the second may be from within or outside the department. (But in no case will the supervisor and second examiner both be from outside the department.)

MA Coordinator
The MA Coordinator is a full-time teacher in the Department of Fine Arts who oversees the running of the programme, teaches one of the MA core courses, advises all MA students, and arranges dissertation supervisors and examiners. The MA Coordinator is Dr. Susanna McFadden and the interim MA Coordinator is Prof. Greg Thomas. You may contact both of them at

Administrative staff
Day-to-day operations of the MA programme is supported by Ms Carman Lau, the MAAH Administrator. You may contact her at (tel. +852-3917-8517). The department’s Resource Centre is run by our Resources Officer, Ms. Grace Wong,