Need-based scholarships
For incoming MAAH students demonstrating financial need, the Department of Fine Arts offers a limited number of scholarships. Each MA in Art History Scholarship pays a portion of the awardee’s MAAH tuition fee. The number and value of these Scholarships vary depending on each applicant’s financial situation and the amount of available funding, with a maximum possible award of 100% of the tuition fee. Applications are considered along with applications for admission, and scholarship offers are sent out with admission offers.

Applicants for the Scholarship must demonstrate that paying the full tuition fee would cause them financial hardship. This requires answering detailed questions about their financial situation on the application form and submitting authentic financial records (tax, housing, banking) to verify their claims. In cases where funding is insufficient to fund all students in need, the selection committee will give preference based on academic merit.

Selection process
Selection of Scholarship awardees is performed by a selection committee composed of:

  • the MA Coordinator;
  • the Head of the School of Humanities or her/his appointed representative;
  • a full-time teacher in the Department of Fine Arts elected by the Department.

Only these three committee members and relevant administrative personnel will be permitted to view applicants’ financial information. The university’s policy on management and sharing of personal data is described on the Scholarship application form.

How to apply
The Scholarship application form is available with other application documents on the university’s online MA admission portal ( This form also lists the required supporting documents. To receive full consideration, the completed application form and all supporting documents should be submitted by the same deadline as applications for admission (June 15, 2020). Please submit the application form through the portal and send supporting documents to the department at

For inquiries about the MA Scholarship, contact the MA Coordinator at