Current Postgraduate

All Fine Arts MPhil and 4 year PhD students will have to take 4 courses in total. Read details at the Courses for Postgraduates section.

No, Fine Arts MPhil and PhD students do not have to take any electives; but if you think a course may contribute to your research, you may do so. However, you should make sure you are managing your time well enough and be responsible for your writing progress.

Students should have passed all compulsory courses by the end of the probationary period (end of the 12th month). Students who fail to do so will have to apply for extension of probation with their home Faculties.

Once every six months. For instance, an MPhil student will have to do 4 reports in total. For more information, please click here

You may download all forms provided by the Graduate School here

No, the length of a thesis varies from one to another. Based on our past MPhil dissertations, the length tends to fall in the range of 130-180 pages, contents typed in double spaced, with a font size 12 (excluding images and bibliography).