: Ms. Eiren Shea: 10,000 Golden Robes: Fashion, Identity, and Power in Mongol Eurasia (c. 1206-1350)

141105 seminar sheaDate: 5 November 2014
Time: 5pm
Venue: Room 7.58 Run Run Shaw Tower

The Mongol period in Eurasia, while historically categorized as an era of great destruction, also witnessed a dynamic efflorescence of the arts and culture in China and Persia. In this presentation, I suggest ways of understanding of the aesthetics of the Mongol period through the study of official dress in the Yuan and Ilkhanid courts. Clothing played a key role in helping the Mongol elite fashion a specific identity as they established themselves as the rulers of the sedentary societies they had conquered…(Please click on the image to read more)