: Dr. Roslyn Hammers: Converging Lines in Parallel Worlds: The Kangxi emperor’s Imperially Commissioned Pictures of Tilling and Weaving as a production of the Investigation of Things and Scientia

Hammers talk 2014

Date: 9 April 2014
Time: 5:00pm
Venue: Room 7.58 Run Run Shaw Tower 

The great Kangxi 康熙 emperor (r. 1661-1722) was the first Manchu to sit on the throne of a conquered China in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). Due to internal fighting in southern China and in the Manchu imperial family, Kangxi’s initial hold on his realm was somewhat tenuous. After traveling to the south in 1689 to assert claims to territory, he was given a rendition of Pictures of Tilling and Weaving (Gengzhi Tu 耕織圖)… (Please click on the image to read more)