The Development of Lu Shoukun’s Art

Chan, Flora Kay 陳鳳姬
Supervisor: Prof. H.Y. Shih

Lu Shoukun spent the second half of his life in Hong Kong. During his 27 years’ stay, he lived through the preparatory and consolidation stages of development in Hong Kong art. The purpose of this thesis is threefold: to offer a thorough study of the development of Shoukun’s styles and themes in his paintings, to assess his achievements in the context of twentieth century Chinese painting, and to evaluate his proper position in the development of Hong Kong art. This thesis is divided into eight chapters. Chapter 1 presents his family background, and Chapter 2, his artistic life before 1950. The next two chapters discuss the influence of the Lingnan School and Western art on him. The discussion and analysis of his Hong Kong landscape paintings describing particular locations and other semi-abstract landscapes are included in Chapters 5 and 6. Chapter 7 deals with his Chan painting, one of Shoukun’s achievements in art; and, as a conclusion, his achievements in art education and influence on other artists are summarized.