Chun Tong YEUNG

Chun Tong YEUNG 楊春棠

Honorary Associate Professor
BA, MPhil University of Hong Kong

Mr. Yeung was Director of the University Museum and Art Gallery. He worked in the Hong Kong Museum of Art before joining the University of Hong Kong. For the past thirty years, he has curated over 150 art exhibitions and edited a number of exhibition catalogues. His areas of interest are Chinese ceramics and Chinese carvings. For many years, he helped the Department of Fine Arts teach Chinese connoisseurship, Chinese ceramics, Chinese material culture and museum management skills. He is currently Museum Advisor, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Government; Advisor, City University Gallery, The City University of Hong Kong; Visual Art Advisor, Hong Kong Arts Development Council; and Committee Member, Taoist Culture Research Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.